Can my child be in the program if they have never had intervention before?  Yes, previous exposure to intervention is not a requirement.

Does my child have to be a Jeffco Student to register? No, students do not need to be enrolled in a Jefferson County school to register into WAW as WAW is not a Jeffco School District activity. We have many students from other schools, districts, both private and public schools that have participated.

How do we make payment?  Registration/building usage fee along with registration forms are required to reserve your child’s spot in Word Attack Warriors. Payment can be made online by going to (TBA).

Is the Registration Fee refundable?  The registration fee is not refundable if you cancel your child’s confirmed enrollment into WAW (as student spaces are very limited to keep groups small).  If your child was wait listed and could not get into WAW due to a lack of openings, then yes the registration fee will be refunded.

What is the Refund and Cancellation policy? 

Refund Policy: The registration and online payment fees are not refundable if you cancel your child’s confirmed enrollment into WAW (as student spaces are very limited to keep groups small).  If your child was wait listed and could not get into WAW due to a lack of openings, then yes the registration and program fees would be refunded, minus any online processing fees.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel 6 weeks before the first WAW session start, the program fee would be refundable minus the registration and online processing fees. If a cancellation is made less than 6 weeks before the first WAW session starts all program, registration, and processing fees are still due and would be non-refundable. No refunds will be given once WAW has started, as students have been placed into small groups; teacher and classrooms fees need to be covered.

There is no pro-rating cost if a child will miss a few sessions. The program is flat fee based to keep costs low.
There are no make up sessions, unless a teacher needs to cancel.

 What if my child will miss some days for other camps or vacation, can the cost be pro-rated?  If your child will miss days, please let the Word Attack Warrior teacher know in advance.  We encourage you to help your child attend as many sessions as possible.  Costs are not pro-rated, the program is a flat fee to help keep the costs down for every family.

Do you offer scholarships or grants to assist with costs?  At this time, we do not. However we encourage you to make a written request to your school’s PTA, your church or other civic organizations, or even try requesting the cost of Word Attack Warriors intervention be covered by your school district as part your child’s IEP if they are on one.  This request would need to be made early (prior to school going on summer break) for consideration.

How many spots are there?  Spots are limited to 3-5 students per group with 1 teacher.  Usually there are about 3 groups per location. 

How many students are in a group?  3-5 students per group

How are the students grouped?  The Special Education/Reading teachers meet with the Word Attack Warrior Program Coordinators and review all the student information forms in order to best place each student by age and ability and current level of performance.

Who can attend WAW?  Children between the ages of 6 -12 years old (who have completed kindergarten).

Why do you need DIBELS and other types of test results on my child?  The Special Education/Reading teachers need as much data as you can provide to properly place each child. Teachers meet as a group and read over each the student profiles/data provided to gain insight and then discuss as a group where to best place each child and assign into in small groups.

Can I submit copies of additional test results if I have them?  Yes, absolutely.  Please be honest, tell us interventions they have had if any, a diagnosis if any, any data or progress monitoring you have, IEP, 504, or ILP.  All this information really helps us to place your child with a group and teacher that fits.

Why small groups?  Research has shown that students make better gains in small group systematic explicit instruction when compared to 1:1 instruction.  Students have the ability to learn from one another, direct peer to peer instruction, as well as play games, and network with peers with similar learning challenges which can help self-confidence.

What do I do if I do not have any of the test results on the registration form for my child? Tell us what you know about your child, grades, are their diagnosed learning disabilities in the family, are they in RTI at school, ask your child’s regular school teacher or if applicable special education teacher for copies of progress monitoring and any tests like (DIBELS, DRA, WADE, CSAP, etc).  It all helps.

What is SAE (school age enrichment)?  Jefferson County School District offers School Age Enrichment Programs at various school locations for before and after school care. Some of the SAE sites offer summer SAE which is an all day program 6:30 am-6:30pm for ages 5-12.  You can register your child for SAE day camp for only the days you need.  SAE is not affiliated with WAW.  Fees for SAE are separate from Word Attack Warriors, and run about $32.00/per day/per child and are payable to SAE.   Registration in SAE is not required to participate in Word Attack Warriors.  Word Attack Warriors is offered at locations where SAE is offered for convenience. This allows parents to drop off their child at SAE day camp, then walk down the hall to go to attend Word Attack Warriors, then return to SAE day camp when done and still be able to go on SAE field trips.

How do I register for SAE?  Contact the SAE Coordinator for the location you are interested in attending Word Attack Warriors and SAE.  More specific location and contact information will be coming. 

Is transportation provided?  No, transportation to and from Word Attack Warriors and SAE day camp is the parent/guardian’s responsibility.

How much does SAE cost? Previous costs were $32.00 per day/per child includes field trip fees, with sibling discounts offered.

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